The music of Moses Campbell makes me feel like i’m back to the age when Clueless ruled my life (14, 15), when I lived on the edge of the suburbs and the country and would drive around in a giant cream colored Volvo wagon with 200,000 miles on it and a sun roof, and smoke cigarettes with my friends and basically just hang and party and go to the beach all the time. Basically the time of my life, you know?

Now i’m a city girl. It’s hard to know which life is better. But when you can feel like you’re in the other, that’s a good thing.

Moses Campbell is an LA band, they’re pretty young. How is it they understand nostalgia? Or maybe they don’t, it’s just me, putting it on them.

Anyway, “And It’s Over 1,” is clean and straight and down the middle. It feels like perfection. (There’s a female accordion player in the band).

You can pick up Who Are You? Who Is Anyone? from olFactory Records, the label arm of The Smell.

Moses Campbell: And It’s Over 1

Thanks, as always, to the lovely Rose Quartz.