Brooklyn’s Coasting is on course for greatness. They’ve got something like four 7″ or tape releases coming up, one already out on M’Lady Records, (hear and read about “Pussy Bow“), and are playing shows all over the city.

Coasting plays the Brooklyn Based Northside Fest showcase curated by Microphone Memory Emotion on June 25 at Matchless. Also on the bill: Family Portrait, Fluffy Lumbers and Bermuda Bonnie. More info to come on that soon!

In addition to Coasting, Madison (Farmer) and Fiona (Campbell) are involved in numerous other projects such as Dream Diary, Cybelle Blood and others, and Fiona is going on tour with Vivian Girls (replacing Ali who is now with Best Coast, so confusing).

“Snoozefest” is off a split with Reading Rainbow, another great 2-piece from Philly, out on French label ATELIER CISEAUX.  The song features what Coasting does best- shake shake your hips simplicity, hard hit minimal punk drums and doubled up vocals.

I’ve seen the way Coasting does life: they work and live, (one of two) in a Bushwick duplex with a big pretty yard and a huge-ass done over basement that pulls triple duty as it’s also their practice space and a live music venue from time to time. They hang around and talk about bands, music, feminism. They smoke cigarettes and dark strawberry daiquiris. All of this compliments their music. Don’t you think? Let’s just say it’s not a Snoozefest??

Coasting: Snoozefest