This is nothing like Best Coast, i’ll say that much. Three songs have surfaced from Bethany Sharayah,  via Joe Coscarelli, via Pitchfork Reviews Reviews. This is why I love the Internet. Not sure how Bethany feels about these old songs being out there, but I doubt she cares much. She seems pretty confident.

These songs are so damn earnest and cute. Two of them, “Books I’ve Read” and “So, Mister” leave something to be desired, but “Underground” is pretty great. Sounds like old school Rilo Kiley, (yes, Joe!) and in 2003 “The Execution of all Things” ruled my life. (And when I put it on now, it still does.)

“And he’ll say, ‘Man, you’ve changed,’ and I’ll say, ‘Yeah, i’ve grown up,’ then he’ll say, ‘I love you, Bethany I love you!'”

So freaking cute.

All these songs can be downloaded at Bethany Sharayah‘s PureVolume page. Check out “Underground” below.

Bethany Sharayah: Underground