Dirty Projectors is a great band. It’s not often, at all, that a band will put out an album where every single song is good, especially these days. I can only really say that for a handful of bands of the past few years… Bitte Orca pretty much ruled my life for maybe, 5 months.

“Stillness is the Move” was the jam of last summer, and while Lucky Dragons‘ remix of it is certainly not a “summer jam” this cover is totally worth getting lost in. Amber’s voice hangs like a veil over this jittery song, it’s fascinatingly eerie. In a way, this song couples the alterna-R&B of the Dirty Ps song and the more straight forward R&B of the Solange Knowles version. Genius re-working.

There’s a little bit of vintage High Places here: shakers, jingly jingles, high pitched and staccato rhythms. Very nice.

The single is coming out with the original “Stillness Is the Move” on the A-side on Domino in the UK.

Lucky Dragons: Stillness Is the Move (remix)

(via JPs Blog)