Last night, Stereogum and Videogum hosted The Gum Bowl at Brooklyn Bowl. The restaurant wasn’t serving food to the lowly public, and I blame that fact for my not great night. The best part about Brooklyn Bowl is the fried chicken!

Not that I don’t love the place, it’s Chuck E Cheese for adults, where a hipster can be a kid. I love those damn leather couches… But every band I see perform there is a let down. And that really saddens me. Last night this was especially too bad, because I really, really love Woods.

They performed well, but their interesting and quirky sound just didn’t come through as strongly as is possible. The last time I saw Woods was at Monkeytown, (RIP), and I was on a comfy couch surrounded by psychedelic projections. Clearly, this was a better setting for this intimate, albeit loud and extreme sounding, band.

The place to catch Woods, and you should do this, is at their annual Woodsist Festival in Big Sur, California. Kurt Vile and Real Estate will be there too, among other amazing acts. SO WORTH IT. Get to California!