Here’s Tooth Ache, a Vermont band (with fans in Mountain Man, another Vermont band that covers a Tooth Ache song, “Holy Father.” You know it, “You must be some holy son and father son and only father… one, one, one, one.). The music of Tooth Ache is mystical and hums with curiosity. “Skin” is intoxicating–what with those hand claps, angelic voices and synth-y keyboard lines.

There’s something to be said about the music that is haunting solely because of its simplicity. That’s what’s up with “Skin.” The break down comes at both the obvious and perfect point in the song. And…. repeat.

This song will come out on the “Lazarus/Skin” 7″ on Father/Daughter Records in late August or early September. Tooth Ache plays Silent Barn on June 29.

Tooth Ache: Skin