Andrew Cedermark has been on the radar for some time now. But not until yesterday when I first heard “Lookin’ for a Boswell” did I fully appreciate and understand the appeal in his music. I’ve since listened to the song multiple times, and each time it gets more and more disorienting.

The song starts like a down-home fiddle jam. Is that a banjo? A mandolin? I can’t tell. It also sounds like it was recorded in an old Virginia barn (he’s Charlottesville based though he originated in Underwater Peoples Jersey-land), but inside an echo chamber. This is rich and flat sound. Is that an oxymoron? It works…

Later in the song, after so many sections that beckon you with guitar jams and crazy cymbal crashes, Cedermark gets down to it… scratchy tape hiss leads the song to its end.

The song is from a cassette split with Drunk Tigers on Funny Not Funny Records. You can preorder it, a highly recommended action.

Andrew Cedarmark: “Lookin for a Boswell”