The new album from folk/jam/neo-lo-fi Brooklyn/country NY band Woods, At Echo Lake, is a pulsating fire ball of high voltage music. This band is fun, sure, but At Echo Lake feels like a journey deep into the unknown, where everything that happens is surprising and sudden, but when it happens you feel like it was of your own doing. It was your creation.

You know that feeling when you look up at the sky, or at your hands, and all you can think is “WHYYYYY???” That’s what Woods’ music feels like. And because it’s music we’re talking about, you can also ask “HOWWWW???”

Woods performed last week at Abrons Art Center in Manhattan. It was one night of the Joshua Light show. Read a detailed and lucid review at Visitation Rites.

NYCTaper was there and recorded the whole thing. Check it out and download. Bask in the woody confusion.

This is a great example of the two sides of Woods. There’s the poppy side, which features Jeremy Earl’s nasal-toned vocals and actual songs (verse, chorus, verse) and then there’s the Woods Family Creeps side, which is the more experimental and jam based part of Woods. Both are equally fascinating and challenging. So here, you get both. FUCK YEAH.