Like a pebble in the bottom of a pond, that shines when hit by beams of sunlight– “Here” shimmers like that. The song has a dream like quality. The music wraps around you and makes you feel caught inside a feeling, one that you can’t escape. The doubled voices compliment each other. The distorted but low in the mix guitar buzzes like a fly trapped in between a screen and a pane of glass.

“I don’t need someone to say what’s right. Your hand inside my hand I hold it tight.”

“Here” took time to record. This is a song with so much texture.

Mutual Benefit is eluding me. I don’t know anything about this band except that you can downland the EP, Drifting, at Bandcamp and buy it at Kassette Klub. This is a highly recommended action. Thanks to Delicious Scopitone for turning me on.

Mutual Benefit: Here