Weezer straight through a wall of hazy distortion. That’s what Dead Gaze is to me. And that’s a fucking goooooood thing.

Dead Gaze is Cole Furlow, hailing from Wesson/Jackson/Copland, Mississippi. I’ve been hearing his sounds for a few months now, but finally the man reached out to me and got me off my laurels and posting. He sent, “This Big World,” which is actually more fun than the other songs, and that’s saying a lot.

This track is off a split with Gray Things on Clan Destine Records. It’s out soon. Check the other awesome Dead Gaze song on that release, “Remember What Brought Us Here” at Weekly Tape Deck.

Dead Gaze seems awfully busy. Another release also just dropped- this one on Mirror Universe Tapes, and yes, it’s a tape.

Let’s get this southern man up east, yeah?

Dead Gaze: This Big World