Zs, Exceptor, Silk Flowers, Mick Barr, Dutty Artz DJs at Knitting Factory, 8

Phosphorescent at Union Pool, 9 (on Thursday at Mercury Lounge)


Effi Briest at Union Pool, 9


Woods, MV&EE, Joshua Light show at Abrons Art Center, 8

Beach Fossils, Midnight Masses, Mon Khmer at Brooklyn Bowl, 6:30

The Blow, Acrylics, Julianna Barwick at Glasslands, 8:30


Twin Sister, Open Road Rooftop, Roof Top Films Festival, 8

Golden Triangle, Fresh and Onlys, The Babies, Coasting at Monster Island Basement, 8

Small Brown Bike, Bridge and Tunnel, Your Skull my Closet, Let Me Run at Cake Shop, 8ish

Silver Apples, Oneida, Joshua Light Show at Abrons Art Center, 8


Fresh and Onlys, Liquor Store, Darlings, Girls at Dawn, X-Ray Eyeballs at Cake Shop, 8ish

Crystal Stilts, Veronica Falls, MINKS, Home Blitz at Glasslands, 8

Parts and Labor, Soft Power, Talk Normal, Guts For Garters at Knitting Factory, 8

These Are Powers, Aa, True Womanhood at Secret Project Robot, 8


Aa, Wild Yaks, Steel Phantoms at Cake Shop, 8ish

Veronica Falls, German Measles, Frankie and the Outs, the Surprisers at Bruar Falls, 8ish

Silver Apples, Burning Star Core, Love Like Deloreans at Coco66, 9


Philip Seymour Hoffman, Second Floor Stories, The City and Horses, Sexy Neighbors at Knitting Factory, 8