Emilie Friedlander has to be careful because she plays violin live and sings. Sometimes the feedback from the mic is hard to control. To deal? She writes lyrics in a made up language. That’s just how the mind of this woman works. Confusion equals clarity.

La Big Vic is… well, what is a La Big Vic besides a band? Just listen to “Heyo” below. You’ll see.

The band is putting out a cassingle (i think they coined that term) on Whip Records and is playing a release show at K and M in Williamsburg with Future Shuttle tonight at 9.

Future Shuttle is the project of Camilla Padgitt-Coles and  Jessa Farkas. “Fields of Dreams,” below, is as literal a song as one can find. The sounds are forward thinking, it could be the soundtrack, on loop, of 2010: A Shuttle Odyssey.

Rounding out La Big Vic is Toshio Masuda and Peter Pearson.

La Big Vic: Heyo (Silver Morning)

Future Shuttle: Fields of Dreams