Matt Leech hails from Harrisonburg, Virginia. His music is shimmering and full of echoes. You can feel yourself floating while listening. What does one do in Harrisonburg, Virginia? Besides try and stay cool, probably make hazy music and drink beers with friends while pondering what the hell is going on outside the bubble. This is not to put anyone down, but we all know that music that comes from a place without much, for lack of a better word, “culture,” is earthy, textured and made with survival in mind.

Harrisonburg is right by the Shenandoah National Forest, however. And that must be pretty fucking nice. I’m a country mouse at heart.

Leech has a 7″ out on Funny/Not Funny and here’s a track off of it, “Empty House.”

Following in the vein of other reverb-heavy artists, Leech distinguishes himself. The melody is particularly catchy here, and many of his songs are just as enchanting. Easy listening, folks.

Matt Leech: Empty House