I first time I heard Liam the Younger was in the basement of a Greenpoint church in December, 2009. It was a beautiful night, filled with wine, smiles, caramel popcorn and heartfelt music. Since then I’ve become intoxicated with Liam’s album “After the Graveyard,” a devastating collection of songs that sound sad but feel beautifully uplifting. They were recorded with delicate tape hiss sounds, birds chirping in the background… it’s all so very real.

Liam the Younger has a new album, “Revel Hidden Worlds.” These vinyl delights are limited to 300 and come hand numbered, which means something.

While “After the Graveyard” was very quiet, still dramatic but hushed, “Revel Hidden Worlds” features some bigger songs, with drums and added instrumentation. Liam had reached out beyond the acoustic, to marvelous affect. There’s even a song on the album called “Bob Dylan.”

There’s something about these lo-fi folk songs that touches the chords deep inside. You can test out all the new songs here. A sample taste, below.

Liam the Younger: Lie