Holiday Shores is an interesting band. The music they make is pop-tastic, verging on the edge of rock and roll. Hard hit drums and discordant sounds fill the band’s sound with texture and give it an edge that separates them from the pack.

These Floridians make a jangly racket, and you can hear it even amid all the clatter of this recording- live from the best show at SXSW: the Underwater Peoples Ranch Show on night 1. The set was “captured by a 20 year old alarm clock/boombox,” tweeted the band. WORD.

A particularly fuzzy and perfect sounding recording is the track “Keyboard Song.” Listen below and get the whole set here.

Also, if you’re new to the band, you MUST listen to their “You Ain’t Goin Nowhere” cover. That’s a Bob Dylan song they did for Daytrotter.