Zs is making a statement with “Acres of Skin.” It’s not as overt as M.I.A.’s, but it’s a statement none the less. The sounds made by Sam Hillmer, Annon Friedlin, Ben Greenberg and Ian Antonio are almost a dare– to mankind.

Experimental is a label slapped on a lot of things. Everything from fusion cuisine to medical procedures are experimental. Experimental music is music that comes together as a result of experimentation. Something doesn’t sound experimental, it is experimental.

Check what Hillmer told Christopher Weingarten:

“Ben had an odd, kind of twisted riff that involved some detuned strings, and I suggested that it be a sort of follow up to our first clapping joint. After that, we just tried to let the material play itself out naturally. Then there was some work in the studio to make it pop.

“Acres of Skin,” taken from the upcoming New Slaves record, out May 11 on The Social Registry, is a name culled from somebody doing, you guessed it, experiments.

” ‘Acres of skin’ is a quote from the dermatologist Dr. Robert M. Kligman who conducted tests on prisoners in the Holmesburg prison in Pennsylvania. He was conducting experiments, which proved to be quite dangerous and permanently detrimental to his subjects. Later, when describing the environment he’d chosen for these experiments, he said something to the effect of ‘I walked into the prison and all I saw were acres of skin.’ ”

GROSS! But certainly inspiring.

“Acres of Skin” sounds, as was said earlier, like a dare. It’s maybe more appropriate to say it feels like a dare. 7 minutes and 40 seconds of clapping, saxophone squeaking and wailing, balls and metal clanging. The band is daring you to get real deep in it, to feel the harsh sounds and to follow the beat wherever it goes. Do it. Dare ya.

In a field awash in haze and fuzz, Zs comes through loud and, believe it or not, clear.

Zs is playing a record release on May 11 at the Knitting Factory with Exceptor, Mick Barr and Silk Flowers.

Zs: Acres of Skin