Caged Animals is the side project of Vincent Cacchione from Soft Black. The music is a little disconcerting at first. Take “The Way it Feels to be Haunted,” which could win an award for being the most aptly named song of the year. Listening to the track makes you feel like you have a ghost inside you that’s madly scratching at you trying to get out.

The high pitched and squealing vocals are well used. They aren’t pretty at all.

“We live in a jungle…”

This song could go a little farther. The melody and vocals are a bit hypnotizing, but the song lacks drama. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the intention seems to be to make the listener feel awkward, or caged.

Supposedly, Cacchione, who blossoms into Yellow Malrone while performing as Caged Animals, was hit by a truck while working as a flower delivery man. Then he started making this music. Ouch is an understatement. It makes sense why someone would make music like this to deal with something like that.

The self/titled album is out on June 1.

Caged Animals: The Way It Feels to be Hunted


This song is actually called “The Way It Feels to be Hunted,” not haunted. Not sure how I got that wrong, perhaps I really felt haunted by the music, as I wrote in the post, and so I saw what was actually not there. I am not changing the post, but I stand corrected. (Fixed in song link above.)