At Tres Hermanos

Twin Sister played late Friday night on an Infinite Best Records rooftop in Williamsburg. Unfortunately, I was too busy watching Ghostbusters to attend. BUT, luckily, Ian Perlman was there to catch the band in all their glory. They played a Daft Punk cover, but this jam, which Perlman eloquently dubbed “End Jam,” is what I love about Twin Sister. They are a dedicated band. They find a rhythm and they go. They take it as far as possible. Not unlike a jam band, just without soloing. This is a band that builds gigantic waves of sound, the wave grows bigger and bigger, and then comes crashing down all over you.

The rhythm section is one of the best i’ve seen in years. Check out the movement on these guys. (Gabe on bass, Bryan on drums.) Utter ridiculousness.

I saw Twin Sister just last weekend at the Tortilla Factory in Bushwick and they played a similar jam to this, maybe it was even this jam, but it didn’t end the set, it was used as a segue between “Other Side of Your Face” and “All Around and Away We Go.” Apparently, Twin Sister mixes shit up.

If you haven’t seen the band yet, your time has surely come.

PS- Perlman has more videos, including “All Around and Away We Go,” their “single”?

Vodpod videos no longer available.