Weekends is a Baltimore band with a serious appetite for hazy guitars and large echoing sounds. Some of their songs are almost arena-band esque. Drum fills, yelps and power chords galore.

Part of the Friends Baltimore label/collective, Weekends play all the time. They were just in town last night for an Impose party with Coasting and others and are back in BK May 2 at Glasslands and May 30 on a roof somewhere. Check back for details.

This track, “A Defining Love,” exposes a softer underbelly of this generally wicked and loud band. An acoustic guitar leads this fun and bouncy psych fest. The vocals are reverb-heavy and bring Kurt Vile to mind.

The song is off a Friends Records compilation, Friends and Friends and Friends, that will also feature Future Islands and many more. Another version of the song is out soon on a split with Total Slacker on Breakfast of Champs!

Also, stay tuned for more like this cos Brett from Friends said this: “Weekends are cooking up more of these acoustic takes and you’ll likely see a release of all of them from us in the future :)” OH YEAH.

Weekends: A Defining Love