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Brendan Toller is from Connecticut and I love that because i’m from there too. Our sensibilities are the same.

I Need That Record: The Death (or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store is his new film. You can actually watch the whole thing on Pitchfork, but you can also buy it here (and then you won’t have to watch those god awful and pandering Converse advertisements).

Watch the Intro above for a taste of what you’ll get out of this. It’s very well done. Yeah, there’s some of the old “woe is me the stores are closing, fuck the man” type stuff. But there are some really poignant moments. Like when Toller asks the record store owner in Middletown if he’s ready to close down. The man can’t say any words at all. The camera zooms in. It’s beautifully sad.

The Internet is the new record store, right? You can find the music you’re looking for. But is Twitter really a community? Yes. Do you meet like minded individuals? Yes. Do you forge meaningful relationships? Not really.

What do you think?