Total Slacker has been making the rounds for a little while now with their hazy songs that are awash in reverb and, well, slacker-ness. The band has a lazy sound that perfectly fits their name and image. How often does that happen?

“Magical Date Night” is a fun Monday morning gem. It’s a demo. Total Slacker sent it in order to get peeps pumped for their upcoming 7″ release, “Crystal Necklace,” on Impose‘s label, Impose Records. That’s out in June, so get fully pumped!

The song is the band’s first love song and you can feel the romanticism coming through. The song is a lot less drone-y sounding than others by Total Slacker. It’s got a very specific story line: “its about a 14 yr old trying to date a 30 something community college teacher.” Fair enough.

Total Slacker plays on 4/20 with Air Waves and others at Union Pool and an as yet un-announced Beach Fossils record release show in late May.

Total Slacker: Magical Date Night