The Mountain Man Festival sounds like pretty much the best show ever, right? Woodsy Saratoga? Lakes and horses? Real Estate and HEALTH? And YOU can actually invest in it and feel like you’re giving something to mankind. Yup, it’s so DIY that the guys throwing it don’t even have the money yet. But still the bands have said “yeah, bra, sure.” Have you seen the video? Endearing as fucking hell. I’m glad the Internet, yes the Internet, has given Gabriel and Shane the opportunity to do this.

So far, the Fest has raised just about 2.5 thousand dollars. They need 65 thousand by May 12. DONATE.

Gabriel Stinson is one of the organizers. He says he dreamed up the idea “when I finally got Julianna Barwick’s beautiful white vinyl in the mail in march as the first result from something I’d funded on kickstarter.” Seeing the possibilities, Stinson called up Evan Brody of Underwater Peoples and asked him if he’d get on board. Brody, always the “hell, yeah!” type, obliged.

Stinson said the name choice is unrelated to the Underwater Peoples band Mountain Man, but that the ladies will hopefully play the fest. THAT would be a mind fuck.

Support this project. Even if you can’t attend. $10 goes a long way…


HEALTH: Crime Wave

Real Estate: Black Lake

Correction: Stinson did not attend Evergreen. He did, however, get the Julian Lynch tape from Dana.