Ducktails is back with a new song, “Mirror Image.” It’s felt like a long time. Granted, Matt Mondanile has basically been on the road with Real Estate for like… ever? That band is playing tonight in Brooklyn too. Anyway, my head really hurts and this makes it feel better.

It’s a slow moving jam, one that sounds like the jungle in your ears through mosquito netting. There are shaky meringue-like drums, and a dark synth sound to temper that lightness. A keyboard line that relentlessly plays the same progression of notes throughout keeps you grounded during the adventure.

Sometimes, floating away isn’t so bad. But this is life, I mean music, and you’ve gotta appreciate both. The leaving and staying.

The song is being released by SHDWPLY. Get it.

I don’t think there’s any guitar on this track. A change for Ducktails.

Ducktails: Mirror Image