Sometimes following people’s advice on Twitter is worth it. Last night, Best Coast tweeted about No Joy: “Dude, NO JOY is the best band ever. two hot blonde girls just shredding away. sooooo amazing.”

I decided to take Bethany’s advice. I checked them out. And No Joy is good. There are only two songs on their Myspace and Bandcamp, (both available for dload), but they exhibit a fresh raw attitude. “No Summer” is covered in hazy reverb, the vocals so drenched you can’t make a thing out. This may bother some, it even bothered me for a minute. But you’ll get over it when you realize that the effects only make the visceral power of the song more noticeable.

“No Joy” features some seriously crunchy guitar noise that is reminicsent of early Sonic Youth, no joke. You’ll hear it in the timbre.

So, thanks Bethany. Get “No Joy” below and head over to Bandcamp for “No Summer.”

The band is playing at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn on May 26.

No Joy: No Joy

(ALSO: Curiously, when you google “no joy” a website deciphering military jargon comes up first. “No Joy” means “In air intercept, ‘I have been unsuccessful’ or ‘I have no information.'”