Tim Perry is quite the fellow. I can just imagine him. I’ve never seen him or met him. But I bet he drives around in a Jeep or something with four wheel drive and sees things on the side of the road and has to pull over and write it down, or hum a melody into a little voice recorder. This stuff is really inspired, at least it seems like it is.

It’s called Lush Cola and it’s Perry doing his thing pre-Weed Diamond. Patient Sounds is putting out 100 black cassettes. Get them over there and the full download of Lushhhh Colaaaa.

The songs on this tape are haunted. There are hisses of feedback, playful keyboard lines, shockingly David Lynchian guitar strums… all of this happening most clearly on “Fold Your Shirts,” available below.

I think Perry has a knack for ambiance. Listen to this song and try and tell me you don’t feel like you’re in the bedroom of a complete stranger. And even though the person is a stranger, you understand them. It’s weird.

Lush Cola: Fold Your Shirts