Lil Daggers is another one of those raucous bands out of Florida that seem to be all over the place, like fish in an overstocked river. Swimming for oxygen-rich water could be as hard down there as it is in Brooklyn. Wait, what am I talking about?? That’s a crazy thought. Florida is really fucking big.

Anyway, Lil Daggers hail from Miami, which is not the same as some of the weird ass places other Floridian music makers come from. (Like, for example, Emily Reo is from Orlando, ouch…)

The band is in town this weekend. So, if you want to check out their particular brand of Floridian rock stomp haze, go to Don Pedro’s tonight at midnight, tomorrow around 9, or to Glasslands on Sunday, where they perform with Shark?.

Taste taste:

Lil Daggers: Outta My Hair