More like touch the light. This song bleeds with tactile greatness. Soft Circle is the project of Hisham Bharoocha, formerly the drummer for Brooklyn (by way of Providence) noise band, Black Dice.

Soft Circle is largely a solo project, one that seems to work as a vehicle for Bharoocha to pay witness to the unstoppable power of drone. He somehow doesn’t get lost in the sound, which makes me think that he is truly and deeply in touch with his inner screaming self. Or maybe it’s not a scream at all, it’s a hum, an ommm, like how Buddhists connect with the universe, the deepest and most base of all humanity, through meditation.

“Feel the Light” rides the line of harsh sound. There are times when your ears begin to ring, and then the smallest shift in timbre occurs, and the pipes to your brain clear out. Make sure you don’t get too entranced, the most subtle and poignant moments in this “song” come toward the end. Think of it as an exercise in patience. Good things come to those who wait, they say.

Soft Circle plays tonight, with High Places, at Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St. The two bands released a split last year.

Soft Circle: Feel the Light (via)