Sometimes when you put something on your stereo, computer, record player, it just makes sense with the universe you’re currently inhabiting. Me? I just woke up and haven’t even had a sip of coffee yet. Thankfully, Bonnie Bermuda makes this particular moment of existence feel ok.

This music is not the same as what you’re used to. The electronica employed here is used to literally make the sounds described in the lyrics. When singer Becca talks about a motor, hear the clack clack, below in “Houseboat.”

“If I Had A Party” has a bit more of melody, with a keyboard line reminiscent of 60s sun fun parties.

But both songs are fresh– a mix of pop sensibility and futuristic instrument implementation.

Bonnie Bermuda just relocated to Brooklyn, but they had their start in Philadelphia, a city that is calling to me more and more these days…

The band’s album is available for download on Bandcamp. Bonnie Bermuda is “playing a bunch of shows this summer” and releasing an album in the fall.

Bonnie Bermuda: If I Had A Party

Bonnie Bermuda: Houseboat