Ok, so a lot of people have been writing and twittering about Golden Girls, the raunchy band that hails from Worcester, Mass. I like their most recent track, “Newports,” but when I heard “Amateur Teen Sex Addicts” I was kinda stopped dead in my tracks. It’s no big secret that alternative music, as defined by that early 90s sound, is my thing. But Golden Girls deliver that delightful sound to my ears with a new twist.

The drum fills! The high pitched vocal wails, I can just picture these guys in denim and maybe Dr. Martens standing in power positions heads jockying back and forth, left to right. What’s new about it? It’s the timing. These guys don’t live in 1992, so they are up against a whole other monster.

Is this just for fun music? Or are these guys actually rebellious? Is this just about beer and sex, or what? “And all the places you could be” is snarled all over “Amateur Teen Sex Addicts.” I think these guys are searching, looking everywhere, and hoping for a different life.

Welcome to the club. Could this be the first day of the rest of my life?

U L T I M A T E F R E E D O M is out today on Burning Mill Records. Perfect name for a Worcester label, am i right?

Golden Girls plays tonight with DOM at Pianos with a repeat performance at the Cake Shop on Monday. I’m gonna find out what’s up with these guys.

Did I mention that I’m in love with Massachusetts?

Golden Girls: Amateur Teen Sex Addicts