Dana Jewell sent me over this beautiful and stark number that he wrote with Drew Donaghy of Pill Wonder when they played together as Moonstruck. “Okay You’re Gone” is another track in an increasingly rich back catalog from Jewell, who lives in the Pac NW (Olympia) and was until recently a member of Pill Wonder, my new favorite band. A lot of goodness going around…

Jewell says he’s planning a trip East sometime soon. He hopes to play shows but prefers to play acoustic and without microphones. Who has ideas for him? House party?!

“Okay You’re Gone” also features what Jewell says may be his only recorded guitar solo to date…The song has a very minimal feel to it but features some folksy guitar picking and drums that echo, which make it feel colossal. Listen and dream this rain away.

Dana Jewell featuring Drew Donaghy: Okay You’re Gone