I’m pretty sure i’ve hailed the mighty Twin Sister a bunch on MME, but I don’t think i’ve done it ENOUGH. For real, this is the most original sounding band i’ve come across in awhile. And they do it through moody prettyness, not harshness, which is how music generally gets through to me. This is straight-up feel good, move to the rhythm of the night music. Some of Twin Sister’s music is 70s influenced disco pop with a rough edge, just enough to enchant you and not overwhelm. Some of Twin Sister’s songs are awkwardly beautiful ballads. Yeah, ballads.

The band is even most impressive live. Singer Andrea Estella casts a tiny shadow, but her voice is low and has a certain dirty, organic quality to it. You wouldn’t expect these sounds to come out of such a petite and nymph-like creature, it’s literally a stop in your tracks surprise. But the way the band supports that voice is what makes Twin Sister so interesting. It’s like a constant give and take. If she’s not crooning, someone else in the band is turning on the fierceness.

Oh, and did I mention this is a band with moves? Especially see the bassist. It’s like he is electrified.

In other Twin Sister news, the band will be back in town soon, playing Cameo on April 1, Bowery Ballroom on April 9 and Silent Barn on April 11 (w/ a certain Freaky band). See dates here.

Twin Sister is releasing a new EP, “Color Your Life,” on Infinite Best. The first single, “All Around and Away We Go,” is below. Also check out the new demo cassette released on The Curatorial Club.

Check out these two videos shot by Liz Pelly at the MICRO-PIXEL-RITES Showcase at SXSW.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Twin Sister: All Around and Away We Go