The first album from Dutch band Bettie Serveert in four years, “Pharmacy of Love” feels like the same one-two punch we all remember fondly. This is pure 90s pop: clean, fast, ripping and rolling. “Deny All” sounds like a cross between the vocal energies and knife cut guitar workings of Letters to Cleo and, interestingly, Carol van Dyk’s vocals are reminiscent of Karen O.

“Souls Travel” is a more nuanced and detail-rich song. Starting off with a cleanly plucked rhythm, which guides the entire song, is a very old-school approach. The soft pretty line is the song’s basis and the rest of the verses and even the bridge build off it. And of course the song always returns to it.

For some people, “Souls Travel” and the entirety of this Bettie Serveert album, will be a nostalgic and happy trip down memory lane, which is not to say there’s nothing new going on here, track 7, “Change4Me,” is wholly a scratchy instrumental song full of discordant fuzz. But for others just meeting Bettie Serveert, this should be a welcome introduction to music that is well produced, and yet still so “indie sounding” that you’ll scratch your head in confusion.

Remember “Ray Ray Rain”? See the video here.

Bettie Serveert: Deny All

“Pharmacy of Love” is out on March 23 on Second Motion Records.