All of a sudden this rainy and dreary Friday is gone and i’m on the set of Boogie Nights. I’m wearing wearing platform sandals made of wood and doing all sorts of… nevermind. A daydream is a really good one if you come out of it confused. What initiated this alternate version of reality? This Ariel Pink song, “Round and Round,” out April 26 on 4AD.

The best thing about “Round and Round” is that it has like, chapters. Different parts of a story fit inside this song. It’s not just a party jam, it’s got tinges of melancholy… just like the characters in Boogie Nights, who all had a touch of shady to them, so does this song. It’s almost giving off a warning: “Hey, I’m not as pretty/perfect/fun as you think I am…”

“I’m afraid, you’re afraid… turn me inside out.” (REAL LYRICS…)

Ariel Pink: Round and Round

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