Real Estate pulls on heart strings! This video for “Suburban Dogs” was shot in two locations, both of which conjure for me feelings of home, peacefulness and youth: a suburban Real Estate office Christmas Party, (Martin’s Mom’s, yeah?) and a field somewhere with a fence fit for climbing. These guys really have the best of both worlds, the love of Brooklyn and a place in that scene, yet a home in the “country” where soccer and basketball and jumping fences is an everyday occurance. Yeah, you could say they’re too lucky, they’re rich kids, etc., but they revel in it. And who wouldn’t?

The fact that there are moving Christmas reindeer in the video only add more to the aforementioned heart strings affect.

CLARIFICATION: I am not actually certain of the financial situations of the members of the band Real Estate. I am going off of what I can glean from their videos and other stuff I’ve read and/or heard. No judgments made whatsoever, the music is what counts.

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Video directed by Richard Law.