A different band.

Damn this song makes me wish Pure Ecstasy was playing MICRO-PIXEL-RITES in Austin! Next time, boys, next time.

Of course it’s a pretty song that reminds me of longing for something just out of reach. Shimmering effects and haze can be put on anything, but if the song doesn’t make you feel something, then it’s worthless. All the Pure Ecstasy songs i’ve heard so far make me feel… whether it be good, bad, or on-edge, it’s something. Music that floats by and works as “background” music– that’s not for me. Listening should be hard.

“Voices” is off a new 7″ from Acephale Records. “Voices/Alexandria” will only see 500 pressings, so get on over to the site and pre-order it!! If you’re going to SX, perhaps the band will have some for sale.

Pure Ecstasy: Voices

(via GVB)