Rachel Coleman is a lot of things. In this pick and choose, do what you can job market, Coleman swims in a gumbo of “jobs.” That’s not just a clever joke, even though, yes, Coleman won the reality show “Worst Cooks in America.”

She has a regular day job working as a website copy editor, but at night Coleman turns into Pop Jew and haunts Williamsburg and Bushwick with her always diverse indie shows and funny blog posts and tweets that are mainly about jews, cute boys and bands.

On a recent night she was hosting a Purim party at Death by Audio, a music venue in Williamsburg. We talked while Coleman blew up balloons. In between sentences she’d inhale loudly and inflate.

“DIY man, fuckin blow up your own balloons,” she said, dressed up like a cop but with black tights and a tiny jean skirt.

Coleman’s foray into Reality TV didn’t actually take her too far off track. As a student at NYU’s Gallatan School of Individualized Study, she took a keen interest in pop culture theory and, of course, Reality TV. As for being on screen, Coleman liked it– at first.

“I love TV and I really loved being on TV,” she said. “I was getting recognized on the street!” But eventually, the excitement wore off and Coleman realized she wasn’t cut out for it.

“‘What am I going to do a show about? This band has been on Captured Tracks,'” she said, laughing at her own insider joke.

So what does Rachel Coleman (or Pop Jew) actually want to do with her life?

“You want to know what I would love, my ultimate dream in life?” she boldly asked when that exact question was put to her. “My greatest dream is to organize a community in the greater Williamsburg or Brooklyn area that’s a supportive, involved, hip community for Jewish 20-somethings.”

Coleman thinks its too bad that anything having to do with religion is deemed “uncool.”

“Yeah it would involve prayers,” she said, unapologetically. “It’s hard to have my interests…” She trailed off, perhaps knowing that her hope was a far off dream.

“It would be so amazing to have a Jewish community linked to music,” she said. “Pop Jew isn’t just a thing, my Judaism is as important or more important than the music.”

So there you have it. Somehow Pop Jew will combine all of her worlds and most of her interests. Perhaps a Reality TV show about hipster Jewish music fans in Williamsburg is not too far off.

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