Black Tambourine was a project hatched in 1989 from the mash up of musicians from Velocity Girl and Whorl. The band only lasted til 1991– but Slumberland is about to release a “Complete Recordings” album, with 6 unreleased songs. In fact, Slumberland Records first release was a Black Tambourine record.

The band has been highly influential, bands like Vivian Girls and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have referenced Black Tambourine as an influence. (It’s really not hard to hear the similarities.)

“For Ex-Lovers Only” literally knocks you down to the ground. I slid out of my desk chair when I first heard it! Ok, that’s not true, but it made me feel really powerful and in control on first listen. It’s a total fuzz babe fest with echo-ing vocals and swirly guitars. Just awesome. This is throwback perfection.

Black Tambourine: For Ex-Lovers Only