Twin Sister took the stage at Matchless with 8 minutes to go before midnight, which is when Matchless shows are supposed to shut down. They played til probably 20 past 12. You tell me why…. did you guess? Yeah, the answer is because they are a fucking incredible band. The sound guy knew it and everyone in the room, which was at capacity, knew it too.

The band moves with the music like lava runs down the side of a volcano. It’s like something that must happen. And even though it looks like its moving slowly, its actually gushing pretty quickly, and its scorching hot.

Lead singer and siren Andrea Estella jumps like a pogo all over the stage while attacking her vocal duties like a panther. In a voice that both whispers and snarls, she woos you. Just check out the slideshow below, you’ll see.

Twin Sister makes music that is impossible to categorize, which is obviously a good thing. At one moment their songs could be considered lo-fi spooky mood changers. At another they are almost a jam band, and I don’t mean noodling, I mean deep, intense jams that move you from valley to mountain to plateau. Their drummer is particularly apt– he plays off the beat and his strikes are far from simple, only adding more to the already bubbling pot.

See the band this Saturday at Coco66, or if you’re heading to Austin, there’s the MICRO-PIXEL-RITES Showcase!

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