Cloud Nothings came out of nowhere and are the biggest thing right now. To have two premieres in one day on two of the biggest music sites on the internet (Gorilla vs. Bear and The Fader)… that can only mean one thing. OK, it could mean two things.

a) You’re a buzz band.

b) You’re good!

In this case, both are true. I saw Cloud Nothings first show. They opened for Real Estate and Woods at the Market Hotel. It was fun, energetic, and they played loud and ferociously. (Big Up’s to Todd P. He heard the band and booked them on that show.) I saw them play again less than a month later, opening for Alex Bleeker and the Freaks and others. Also a great show.

The band is playing SXSW and MtyMx. I’ll be seeing a lot of them and will report back.

Here’s one new song, off a Group Tightener release. (BTW, Group Tightener is the label run in part by Sam Hockley-Smith, an editor at The Fader. Conflict of interest?) CLARIFICATION: See Hockley-Smith’s comment. There will be no conflict.

Cloud Nothings: Morgan