Pikelet is Melbourne, Australia’s Evelyn Morris. A pikelet is what Australians call small pancakes.

“The Weakest Link” shimmers with electronic notes and is accented by the high squeals of Morris. This is actually an odd song. At points it verges on being just too cute, too saccharine, but then it circles back with a slightly more bitter taste. Sometimes songs create conundrums in your head. This is one of those songs.

Morris used to play drums in hardcore bands. Let that affect your listening.

She has certainly surrounded herself with an impressive pedigree of musicians. She has toured with Lucky Dragons, Ruby Suns, Devendra Banhart and Tiny Vipers, and will be opening for Dirty Projectors, handpicked by them.

“The Weakest Link” is off the recently released Stem, on Chapter Music. Pick it up.

Pikelet: The Weakest Link