adam smith

I don’t think this bee stings. In fact, honeybee’s never sting. They drink nectar out of flowers and then make honey comb and honey with their huge family. What a sweet, sweet image…

Emily Reo sings “Honeybee” and it feels like a movie where you’re sitting in a hazy window, gazing out at a world that is ready for you. The sun is shining and inviting. It’s almost a throwback track, to the 50s. A soundtrack for ironic ambivalence, maybe.

Reo is from Orlando, Florida, and “Honeybee” is off her new album Minha Gatinha, available here. The whole album features fuzzy songs, but they are all different kinds of songs. Some are pop, some are ballads, some feel like memories and some feel like the future. Honeybee is a future track…despite the familiar feeling.

Emily Reo: Honeybee