Dana Jewell, why are you doing this to me? As if gray Friday mornings weren’t strange enough… Wow, the sun literally just came out and my computer screen is now covered in light. I can’t see.

I’m a sucker for lovelorn acoustic songs. It’s just the folkster in me. It’s the Bob Dylan, the Mary Lou Lord, in my bones.

“We’d settle down, put some roots in the ground.”

Isn’t that what we all want? Transient people eventually, too, grow downward and not just outwards.

“Learned to Write a Song” is one of two gems that I now can call my own. Dana just recorded them yesterday, and they are part of an apparent set/album? called “Songs ‘or The Broken Hearted.” I will share the second one, too, eventually. Good morning and welcome to the bright world.

Dana Jewell: Learned to Write a Song