Hearing Thurston Moore utter those words today is so funny, it’s sad. Seeing what Sonic Youth has become as a cultural product, dare I say, as a brand…Anyway. It’s only the intro to this song by The Radio Dept. I’d never heard this Swedish band before, but this is a really good example of pretty pop, feel good pop that you don’t have to feel guilty about listening to. Don’t get me wrong, i like gentle sounds, but sometimes I get a little too gooey from my own good and I forget about what matters. Hey, it’s a Friday, feel this song and smile. I wonder what these guys think about Sonic Youth “selling out,” or whatever you want to call it. They could just be being ironic in using that clip in their song….

“Heaven’s on Fire” is off the band’s new album, Clinging to a Scheme, which is coming out on April 21st on Labrador.

The Radio Dept.: Heaven’s on Fire

The Thurston clip, by the way, is from the Dave Markey rock documentary. “1991: The Year Punk Broke,” one of the best movies EVER.