I’ve been in NYC for kind of awhile now. But i’ve never been introduced to Shellshag. It wasn’t until Jenn Pelly went to the Don Giovanni Records (Screaming Females, etc.) showcase last week and tweeted a storm about Shellshag, that I decided to check them out. Boy am I glad I did. This is like, an old school wet dream. It feels so good. Like the good kind of nostalgia. Like you’re remembering your youth, but in a visceral way. In a way that inspires action.

The band’s new album, Rumors In Disguise, just came out. They are on tour right now, and playing Cedar Mansion (?) in Brooklyn on March 5. Below, an oldie that I love, “Happiness” and “Resilient Bastard,” from the new album.

Shellshag: Happiness

Shellshag: Resilient Bastard