Jonathan Stark

Juliana Hatfield is a rock, a stable and ever-present island. Even though she says she’s “never been completely anywhere,” in the song “Evan,” from her new album, for me, she is as close to a constant as a star.

“Peace And Love” is out today. Completely recorded and produced by Hatfield herself, this is Juliana stripped down and vulnerable. There is sadness all over the tracks…and it’s just, well, really sad. But that’s what Juliana Hatfield does for her fans. She puts herself on the line. Her music allows one to contemplate the depth of her sadness, and to compare their own to hers.

This song, “Evan,” is about Evan Dando, her longtime friend, collaborator, lover, and source of much confusion, heartache and pain. In a way, this song can wipe the slate clean regarding their relationship. Though Hatfield has answered questions for 20 years regarding the alternative “it” couple of the 90s, this song puts it plainly. There is no need for any more questions.

“Evan, I just love you, I guess.”

Stream the track below. Get the album here.