Two bands from two midwestern cities, both fuzzy and fun. One is a one-man bedroom band that has never played a show but has loyal followers, the other is a full-band that played its first show in November and has since taken the Internet by storm and booked lots of shows.

Campfires and Cloud Nothings are the future. Make good music. Put it on the Internets. Build buzz and respond to fans and bloggers. Give songs away. THEN start playing shows. Both bands will be at SXSW, and Cloud Nothings will be at MtyMx. (Campfires was maybe going to be there too, fell through).

While there are many one-hit wonder Internet acts, both of these bands, especially Campfires, have put out release after release of hearty songs. The Cloud Nothings debut on Bridgetown sold out in like, five minutes. It’s being re-issued. Campfires has a release on Mexican Summer and Leftist Nautical Antiques. This split cassette, on Bathetic Records, is sure to be a golden ticket as well.

Stream Campfires’ “Magic Carpet” below.