It’s a good day for a mix. Mine features a lot of classic artists. And some new ones. I spent some time on the order of this, to make one mood flow into the next. I hope the pace works for you. Enjoy. remember to revel in the white outside.


Track Listing

Hoarfrost – Sonic Youth
Moonlight Mile – The Rolling Stones
Stone Walls – The Points North
When I Paint My Masterpiece – The Band
Cripple Creek Ferry – Neil Young
Else – Built to Spill
Concrete Jungle (LIVE) – Bob Marley
Conch – Ecstatic Sunshine
Tongue – REM
Stephanie Says – The Velvet Underground
For Your Love – The Yardbirds
Only Talk To You When I’m Drunk – Rays
Most of the Time – Bob Dylan
Condor Ave. – Elliott Smith
Go On Ahead – Liz Phair