Can I see all the bands I want at SXSW without a badge and without spending money on tickets? I think so, and that’s the challenge that Microphone Memory Emotion is taking on. Will you support me??

In addition to unofficial shows, I hope to get on the list for official shows that are being sponsored by people/bloggers/writers that I know.

I am going to prove that you don’t need a $500 badge to hear five days of great music.

Of course, something to point out here is that most of the bands i’m interested in are way under the radar and won’t be playing the big fancy shows anyway. There are exceptions, but i’ve seen Dinosaur Jr. many times.

This brings me to an important question though- who is SXSW for? Historically it was intended to be for industry types, record labels and writers, right? But today, in this day and age when the two industries struggling the MOST are music and publishing, what is the point? Dinosaur Jr. hardly needs discovering. So who are they playing for?

Maybe it’s just an excuse for a big party. If that’s the truth, I support that. I’m going for the party, for sure.

But i’m also going because it is my duty as a blogger to write about new bands (and some old for nostalgia’s sake and for context). But if I can do this without doing anything official at SXSW, then what is the purpose of SXSW? Perhaps the big, corporate festival attracts the bands, who can then play on smaller unofficial stages too, and that’s a good thing. Without a centralized place, and the small glimmer of hope that playing for so many affords, all these bands couldn’t play together, and I wouldn’t be doing anything. Hmmmm.

Then again, Todd P is throwing his own festival, in Mexico no less, and there are going to be tons of bands there. And i’m pretty sure those shows are for the fans.

Thoughts and comments are welcomed. Please chime in.