Like I said, this is a folksy day. It almost feels like Spring could be coming, what with these Sun Hotel tracks played loud. Not like we get to enjoy this in the city, but imagine a blanket on a grassy patch by a forest. A picnic made from scratch. Sun so warm it makes the bugs buzz and butterflies flutter. Wildflowers that smell like heaven. “ALLWAYS” makes me think of that and yearn.

The band says these songs are about love, loss, breaking up, marriage, getting divorced. The best sad songs don’t feel sad.

Sun Hotel is giving away their entire EP, Team Spirit, as a free download. Go get it. Listen to “Allways” below in preparation for the full onslaught.

These songs are a bit indie-folk, and a bit Modest Mouse if you can believe it. I don’t think bands strive to sound like this anymore. Do they?

Sun Hotel: Allways