Graham Marley

Hailing from Jamaica Plain (again!), The Points North make today feel like the first day of the rest of my life. I’m not confused, everything is really clear. These songs make me want to look for beauty, not just what’s cool. Big, bright eyes opening…

“Cape Tryon” is a earthy dream of a song. Featuring three-part harmonies  dug up from the ground that likely surrounds a beautiful lake, or a nutrient rich garden, The Points North direct their energy up up up. The voices soar and the flute, yes the flute, make me feel like i could live among the hobbits one day. If I could just get there I could be barefoot forever, making merry, and living with my neighbors peacefully.

“Oh how I love to see cliffs crumbling, and throwing just themselves into the sea.”

The Points North: Cape Tryon

The Points North are stationed in Australia this month, touring and getting ready for SXSW, where they will appear at the Psyche/Wave Showcase with Truman Peyote/Many Mansions and others. Their debut 12″, I Saw Across the Sound, is out now on The Grinding Tapes.

Chris Alspach, Regina Peterson and Dylan Clark played 70 shows last year– they are clearly gonna be tight!